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    Jining Huida construction machinery CO,LTD serves the construction, mining, industrial and municipal markets., we specialize in all makes and models of excavators, wheels loaders, dozers and off highway trucks. We specialize in business of construction spare parts for international brand such as: KOMATSU, HITACHI, CAT, SHANTUI, KOBELCO, VOLVO, DOOSAN, SANY and so on, offering genuine, after-market, OEM, surplus and reconditioned parts for sale. We have thousands of new, used, and rebuilt parts in stock, ready for immediate delivery.  We offer solutions to both short and lon...

    ProductLeading products for three wheeled vehicles, low-speed trucks, light trucks, electric sightseeing cars, tractors, engines, tires, combine harvester.more+


    Address:Jinyu Road, Jining City, Shandong Province on the 30th
    Attention to us:
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